Used Car Dealers

The Largest Used Car Dealers in the UK

This article provides information on some of the most trusted used car dealerships in the UK with a large variety of choices in affordable used cars. As the used car industry in the UK is rising with high prices, more dealerships are focusing on used car sales.

Here are some of the largest and most trusted used car dealers in the UK.

Direct Cars – Sheffield South Yorkshire

Direct Cars started 13 years ago with their website showcasing their great deals and spectacular showroom. They are known to be a car supermarket with a lot of experience in the used car sales industry.

They provide a high level of customer service before and after purchasing. Direct cars have over 800 cars for sale in their showroom and offer a high level of after-sales service and repairs.

Stebbings Car – Norfolk

Stebbings Car in Norfolk was founded in 1976 by Philip Skerry as a family run business. They believe in fair deals and first-class customer service. They stand as one of the most respected car dealerships in the UK.

One of the best things about Stebbings Car is how the salespeople are not pushy or intimidating. The team of salespeople are there to help and assist with any customer needs or questions. They have up to 500 cars on offer at their showroom.

CarGiant – London

This dealership is known as one of the largest car dealerships in the UK. The dealership is located on a 28 acres site and has sold over 600 000 cars since 1977.

They have a large number of cars for sale adding up to about 5000 vehicles and provide multipoint checks on all vehicles they sell. Some other great aspects to CarGiant include over 600 employees, 150 in-house mechanics, and 80 inspection ramps.

Buying from any of these top 3 car dealers in the UK can create peace of mind for any person wanting to buy a used car from a dealership. They perform multipoint checks on all their cars and the reviews on their websites prove how trustworthy they are.